About us

Welcome to BeConnections

BeConnections is the first free worldwide business to business (B2B) network for companies that serves as a corporate search engine and a social platform, simultaneously.

Unlike other online networks, BeConnections is a commercial tool. It connects companies to one another on a global scale, allowing its users to target their audience and search for new business opportunities by region and sector, worldwide.

BeConnections invites companies to explore new markets, and connect instantly with potential partners and investors internationally.

A company is only as strong as its connections. 



At BeConnections we want to bring the world to your office, virtually. We believe that a company’s success depends on its ability to embrace new opportunities and develop its connections.

We pay particular attention to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), as the future of economic growth and diversification. We want to give you the tools to grow, become visible and proudly represent your region. Our mission is to be your network of choice.

Become the company you want the world to know about. 


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