Your brand is important, become a BeConnections sponsor today.

Our sponsored content appears on horizontal and vertical spaces in our search results, filtered by region and sector. Advertisers may choose from over 200 different combinations for improved optimization results.

Through our sponsorship spaces, choose the region and sector of your interest, create affinity with your target audience, cater for your clients directly, and improve your brand’s visibility.


  • What are BeConnections’ Ads?

    BeConnections ads are advertising solutions that allows you to create and place ads on optimal pages on the beconnections.com website. Companies click on your ads and visit your website. You specify which BeConnections members view your ads by selecting a target audience: by region and sector. Get started today.

  • How do I get started?

    All you need is a BeConnections Account and a credit card or paypal account to get started:

    1. Create an ad write your ad in minutes using a BeConnections account
    2. Select a target audience – determine which BeConnections members should see your ad. BeConnections offers 9 regions and 25 sectors to choose from. Countries and subsectors will be offered shortly, as well.
    3. Choose where you want your advert placed – upon selecting a region and a sector of choice, choose a place on that page where you want your advert publicized. Unless otherwise negotiated with our team, the options are a vertical space on the top to mid part of page or a banner on the lower half of the page. Prices vary dependent on placement.

    Your ad will be reviewed by a member of our customer support team, usually within 24 hours. Upon approval, your ad will become active on the beconnections.com website once payment is received.

    Disclaimer: BeConnections determines the professionalism and appropriateness of any advertisement on the site, and reserves the right to take appropriate action against advertisements deemed unsuitable. BeConnections will not accept ads that use inappropriate language, deceive or lie, or use non-standard spelling and grammar. Likewise, ads cannot promote illegal products or services, adult content, hate, or violence.

  • How will my ad look?

    Horizontal ads consists of these elements:

    • Headline (up to 25 characters of text)
    • Description (up to 75 characters of text)
    • From (your company)
    • Image (300x200 pixel image)
    • URL (website companies visit once they click on your ad)

    Vertical ads consist of these elements:

    • Headline (up to 25 characters of text)
    • Description (up to 75 characters of text)
    • From (your company)
    • Image (300x200 pixel image)
    • URL (website companies visit once they click on your ad)
  • Where will my ads be shown?

    Ad placement is dependent on your preferences. Advertisers are asked to choose a region and sector of their choice where their add will appear. For example, North America and Finance.

  • Who will see my ads?

    Your ads will be displayed to BeConnections members who meet your targeting criteria. Targeting an advertisement means narrowing the scope of members that are eligible to view your advertisement. Your targeting options include:

    • North America + sector of choice
    • Latin America & the Caribbean + sector of choice
    • Europe + sector of choice
    • Africa + sector of choice
    • Eurasia + sector of choice
    • Middle East + sector of choice
    • South Asia + sector of choice
    • East & Southeast Asia
    • Oceania + sector of choice

    Beconnections has up to 25 different sectors to choose from. Countries and subsectors will be made available shortly, as well.

  • How much does it cost?

    Ads are paid on a monthly basis.

    We use a rotating system, in which a maximum of 3 ads share a space on a page during one month. What this means is that your ad gets 20 seconds of every minute during that natural month.

    Ads cost:

    • 200 EUR, horizontally at the bottom of the page
    • 300 EUR, vertically across the page

    Please note that there are only two advertisement spaces per page, to allow for maximum optimization.

  • How will I be charged?

    Ads can be paid by credit card, bank transfer or through paypal. Payment will depend on the length of service. If the space is hired for more than one month, advertisers may choose from several billing options.

    However, full payment must be guaranteed before ads become active on the site, through a legal and binding contract. Please contact our friendly staff for any further questions.

    Create & Pay for your ad now.

  • Is there an activation fee to get started?

    No, there is no activation fee to get started.

  • In what languages can I place my ads?

    For the moment, BeConnections ads can only be written in English. Feel free to contact us for support.